I care about my Pharmacist

A man, a pharmacist and an entrepreur, smiles at the camera.

What’s happening to Free Enterprise in Alberta?

The former Conservative government decided to regulate all aspects of pharmacy compensation which is direct interference in private business and the free market competitive economy that the Progressive Conservative Party reputedly supports.

This is having a direct impact on pharmacists and the small businesses that they own.

The Progressive Conservative Party is aware of the millions of dollars that the pharmacy profession saves the Health Care system and they claimed that they don’t want to put the profession in financial jeopardy.

But they have done just that.

The four services – dispensing, injections, medication reviews and prescription renewals – that Alberta Health and Wellness will pay pharmacists for under the proposed plan will result in a net loss of revenue in providing these services to their communities.

Why would we put our communities and patients’ health at risk?

As the newly re-elected Alberta government we expect you to deliver on your promise to Alberta pharmacies - the promise of a fair and equitable negotiated funding model that will allow all pharmacies in the province to deliver a high quality of services to their patients.

We hope that this government will treat all Alberta pharmacists with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Rural pharmacies shouldn’t have to continue to fight for a place at the bargaining table and our right for freedom of speech and transparency in negotiations.

We continue to need a funding model that is based on transparent and open negotiation with representatives from government and all Alberta pharmacies – urban and rural.