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We are a group of pharmacists and student pharmacists that work collaboratively with other health care professionals to look after your health.

Since we live and practice in Alberta we understand your health care needs and requirements. Most people recognize us as the health professional that fills prescriptions, but we do much more than just that. We offer a multitude of other services including providing easily accessible health advice, comprehensive health consultations, injection services and medication therapy management.

The Government of Alberta is talking about reducing reducing the price of generic drugs further than they already have; and overall, we are not opposed to this, however, these cuts negatively impact our ability to practice and reducing the amount of time that we can spend with our patients. If they impose what they have indicated, these cuts may result in the closure of your pharmacy.

We need a funding model that makes sense. We need a funding model that is based on transparent and open negotiation with representatives from all pharmacies in Alberta - urban and rural. We need a funding model that doesn't jeopardize your ability to get health services from your community health team.

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