I care about my Pharmacist

Alberta Legislature in Edmonton.

A message to the Government of Alberta

We are pharmacists who work collaboratively with other health care professionals to look after our patients' health.

We live and work in in the communities that we serve and have a unique understanding about our communities and our patients' health care needs and requirements.

As pharmacists we do much more than just fill prescriptions. We offer a multitude of other services, some of which are finally being paid for by the Government of Alberta. As a reminder, these services were being provided long before Government started paying for them.

You imposed cuts on pharmacy before you reallocated funds - and then you only reallocated a portion of those funds. And this came with more administrative burdens that reduced the time pharmacists have with their patients actually providing care.

We want to be very clear. We don't oppose reducing the price of drugs.

The problem is that the funding cuts have not been adequately re-invested in community pharmacy. The cuts implemented by the Alberta 2013 Budget will further negatively impact our ability as pharmacists to provide care to our patients. There are 23,000 Albertans that have already signed a petition stating they urge the Government of Alberta to implement policy that will ensure that the access to and quality of the services currently provided by community pharmacies and pharmacists in Alberta is preserved.

Practices in rural communities are most at risk.

The future will see a further reduction in patient health care services and very sadly, the potential closure of rural pharmacies.

We desperately need a funding model that makes sense.

You promised us that once, but you broke your promise.

You promised it again, and again you broke your promise.

And now, the Government of Alberta is threatening the promise made to pharmacists back in 2009 - third time in three years!

We have repeatedly asked for a funding model based on open and transparent negotiation with representatives from all pharmacies in Alberta - rural and urban.

Instead, you cut funding for health service delivery without consultation while wasting millions of dollars in taxpayer money.

We care for millions of Albertans every day.

Why don't you?